The possibility of food.

Finally, there is a tool advanced enough to take all the contradictory and confusing health, performance, and wellness information into account, make sense of it, improve it, and then make precise recommendations just for you.

A quantum leap in making nutrition science actionable for the individual.

Current government information and “Recommended Daily Intake” of nutrients are one-size-fits-all. At EatRx, we have expanded, reorganized, and improved upon standard recommendations to offer more impactful information for individuals and their families.

EatRx focuses on micronutrients, especially the phytonutrients found in plant-based foods. There are more than 25,000 phytonutrients known today and science continues to add to that list. Phytonutrients have healing power, help us look better, and reduce inflammation, often performing multiple functions. EatRx can correlate the specific healing functions to individual diseases and health goals, recognizing that food itself is medicine. This means the secret to good health is in the food we eat, and EatRx can recommend the right combination of foods that your body needs, and that you’ll enjoy every day.

We meet you where you are, on the road to a healthier, more energetic you.


You no longer need to count, calculate, or try to keep up with every guideline. The algorithms, created by our experts, rank research that is continually being updated and added to our knowledgebase. We follow the science—not dogma or fads—to establish the world’s most comprehensive and intelligent source of food-science data.


EatRx improves your health one bite at a time with recommendations for foods and recipes that you have told us you like and that we know will best meet your nutrition needs in the moment. Our EatRx Status Rings visualize exactly how each choice impacts your health. We can even make individual recommendations for your entire household.


Our technology responds to you starting with the onboarding of your preferences and health information. We continue to learn from your choices, behavior, and the rankings you give foods with regard to taste and how it made you feel. As your health changes, EatRx will adapt and adjust your recommendations based on what we know about you.

Here’s how to use EatRx.

By re-thinking nutrition information, we created a dynamic tool based on six Status Rings to track and visualize your nutritional progress. Each ring represents a category of nutrients, and your daily goal is to close all rings by eating the levels of the nutrients we rank in importance for you.

Your Protein Building Blocks

Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are necessary for structure and regulation of body function.

Your Healthy Fats

Healthy fats support metabolism, cell-signaling and absorption of many nutrients. We will be making recommendations to keep your healthy fat sources and ratios correct.

Your Bioactive Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients are bioactive substances found in plants that assist with activation and as cofactors for many nutrients.

Your Healthy Gut

Adequate dietary fiber will help you feel full and is necessary for bowel regularity. Our recommendations for specific dietary fiber will feed beneficial gut bacteria.

Your Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are essential nutrients, so we will recommend foods to meet your needs and alert you about any deficiencies.

Your Measures of Energy

Our recommendations match your caloric intake to your activity level and biometrics. We match your carbohydrate intake to your preferences and health goals.


Visual Daily Progress

Each Status Ring displays a number that is calculated based upon your consumption of the nutrients that matter most to your health goals. Click on each ring to see daily progress within the dynamic list of nutrients based upon your prior food choices and current status.

Intelligently tracking each individual in a family.

We know that many individuals are planning meals that will be served with family members or housemates. Build a profile for each of your loved ones to plan meals that meet everyone’s health goals.

Intelligent and tasty recommendations, that only get better.

Planning a meal? You can select criteria like cuisine type, cooking times and skill level. As you rank the meals you have eaten, our system learns your taste preferences and which foods make you feel great. Future recommendations will offer more of the foods we know you’ll like.

The science of behavior change.

Changing your behavior is hard. EatRx can make it easier for you by utilizing the personal information quantified by EatRx, and incorporating the best of behavior science to make information actionable. Rewards and recognition provide additional support systems.

We also use Artificial Intelligence to match recommendations to your level of motivation, making healthier options an easy choice for you.

A healthier suggestion may sometimes be just enough to elicit a better decision when you’re craving a splurge.