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Welcome.  We’re excited that you are interested in connecting food to health at a biochemical level.  We have been developing our patent-pending technology for over four years and are now reaching out to institutional partners.

  • We invite corporations to contact us about integrating our EatRx branded app into their wellness program or partnering with their food service to provide prescriptive nutrition on-site to employees. We can provide this same service to sports teams and university cafeterias.
  • EatRx for food retailers can be integrated into customer loyalty tools, providing personalized information for your customers that goes way beyond what is available on packaging.
  • If you are a food company, we can provide transparency about your ingredients and their impact on specific health conditions. We can also help you optimize the health impacts of your foods.
  • Deep experience with insurance data management systems has informed the design of our platform to provide a secure API for institutional health partners. NutriCern will build EatRx branded or white label customized wellness tools for your customers with translational data insights into your customers’ behavior, choices and health outcomes.
  • We’re also collaborating with researchers. Talk to us about our research portal, currently under development with UC Davis.

Meet us in person and preview our EatRx app.  We’ll be at the Smart Kitchen Summit Oct 8-9, 2018, Rock Health Summit Oct 16-17, 2018, Connected Health Conference October 17-19, 2018, Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA Oct. 29-30, 2018, Winter Fancy Food Show Jan 13-15. 2019, IC Foods Mar. 2019.  We’re also regulars at UCSF Health Hub, Food Tech Connect, and Mixing Bowl events.

If you are a consumer interested in how EatRx can support your health and wellness, contact us and we’ll send you healthy tips, recipes and updates.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Debbie McAfee, CEO NutriCern, Inc.

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