One Thing in 2019

Just don’t ask me to give up my bourbon

He was referred to me by his doctor with pre-diabetes and the first thing he said to me as he walked into my cooking school and nutrition center was, “just don’t ask me to give up my bourbon.” I didn’t. Instead I started him on a meal plan that over the next six weeks reversed his pre-diabetes and when he started to feel better the bourbon fell away (well, mostly) of its own weight. I have many such stories, but the point is sometimes it’s one thing that can make all the difference. Sometimes the one thing is listening.

My one tip for 2019is simple: listen to your body. Granted it’s not easy. Humans have lost touch with what their bodies are trying to tell them. We’re busy, always connected to technology, don’t stop to listen to our bodies or we just power through the signs that something is amiss.

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