NutriCern, with its breakout Application, EatRx, Closes Early Round of Funding.

Sebastopol, CA, March 7, 2019

NutriCern, Inc., based in Sebastopol, CA, closed its $1M seed round that funded the launch of its prescriptive nutrition platform, patent filings, and initial market entry.

NutriCern has created a proprietary knowledgebase linking food to health with AI insights that will support a new generation of dynamic apps, including NutriCern’s own EatRx app, establishing a new frontier in nutrition: using food as the catalyst for change at the cellular level, attacking disease and improving performance. Most of the company’s financing comes from the medical community who understand the value of linking nutrition research directly to cellular pathways that drive health outcomes with individualized prescriptive nutrition.

The company will be raising $5M Series A to develop its SAAS business and continue funding the development of APIs and white label apps for institutional health and retail food partners. NutriCern will also complete development of its own EatRx-branded app while also serving as the back-end engine for other’s nutrition apps.

Nutricern’s Founders are CEO, Debbie McAfee, John Hujsak, CTO, Kirk McAfee, CFO, and Sue Pipal, Director of Content. They lead a hand-picked team of scientists and specialists, from MDs and Nutritionists to Data Systems Experts and B2B Strategists.

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