NutriCern Welcomes Fitness Expert JD Griffin as Associate Director Sports Performance

NutriCern, Inc. announces its new Associate Director of Sports Performance, JD Griffin. JD is the author of the well-received book, Get Fit Lean and Keep Your Day Job.  He is a Certified Nutrition Coach, fat loss expert, fitness and nutrition blogger, and lifetime sports enthusiast. His background includes performance and risks monitoring software development, portfolio optimization, agile coaching, and product management and sales. 

“NutriCern’s food science knowledge base is light years ahead of the competition. The applications in sports performance will be truly groundbreaking. We will work with sports teams and individual athletes to design optimal nutrition plans that enhance performance,” explains Griffin.

“JD is looking forward to applying his software development expertise to sports nutrition,”  stated Debbie McAfee, CEO of NutriCern. “He will be working with sports professionals and organizations to develop custom dashboards that monitor performance related to nutrition.”

NutriCern is a technology platform providing personalized nutritional information though its groundbreaking app, EatRx. Today, the company NutriCern’s patent pending platform, for the first time ever, can prescribe food as medicine.  By connecting cutting-edge food science to latest knowledge, on human biology and disease, its EatRx app learns users’ unique biology and behavior and dynamically optimizes their nutrition to improve their health, wellness and performance.              

More information on NutriCern and its innovative product, EatRx, is available on the website:




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