Food is Medicine

Advances in nutritional science have been virtually impossible to follow, understand or even believe. One moment the cure-all is pomegranates and then it’s turmeric and then it’s kale.  Eggs are out.  Then they’re back.

Who can keep track of all this?  How do you figure out which foods are actually good for you?  What are the specific foods that your body needs?

There are hundreds of thousands of nutritional studies from hospitals, universities, government research and other sources around the world. Many are inaccessible to conventional search engines like Google, and even if they were accessible, unless you are a scientist you might not understand the raw data nor have the expertise to determine if the study was actually well-designed. Nobody has been able to put it all together into one manageable interactive knowledgebase that you can use to achieve your personal health goals. Until now.

Personalized for You

At EatRx we look at all of it. We’ve put the studies together, ranked and evaluated them with our proprietary algorithm to understand the specific health benefits of thousands of different foods.

Next, we match it all to your personal needs.  EatRx lets you easily customize this wealth of food science to quickly find the best nutritional prescription for helping YOU heal and live a healthier life. Your personal healing prescription will include many foods, recipes and meal plans to choose from. Tailored to what YOU already like to eat while avoiding what you don’t.


Micro vs. Macro

Until recently, scientists looked at food nutrients on a macro level. They evaluated the benefits of a particular food based on its protein, carbohydrate, fat and sugar content as well as the micronutrients, which include vitamins and minerals. Today, the focus includes additional micronutrients, the phytonutrients found in plant-based foods.  What’s a phytonutrient? You’ve probably heard of beta-carotene and lycopene… and maybe even quercetin and curcumin.  But did you know that there are more than 25,000 phytonutrients known today and science keeps adding to the list?

The Healing Power of Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients have healing power – They can lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, relieve allergy symptoms, slow down insulin spikes and perform hundreds of additional healing and well-being promoting functions for the body. They help us look better and feel better.

Each phytonutrient performs multiple healing functions… the same functions in many pharmaceuticals. Phytonutrients are medicine in food form. Yes, food is medicine.  The secret to good health is in the food we eat and the lifestyle we lead.

EatRx has the largest interactive knowledgebase of phytonutrients and their specific health-promoting benefits in the world.


We have an advisory board of respected subject-matter experts, including world-renowned scientists, doctors and nutritionists who help us establish the criteria we use to judge and evaluate nutritional research from around the world.

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