EatRx at Future Food Tech New York 2019

Kirk McAfee, CFO, and Patty James, Director of Nutrition and Culinary attended and presented at the Future Food Tech Conference in New York held June 18-19, 2019. Future Food Tech is an international gathering of professionals focused on the role of food technology in health and sustainability and explores everything from healthy snacking to personalized nutrition.

EatRx spoke at the conference to present its technology showing how it we take personalized nutrition to the next level in support of true prescriptive nutrition. Food product companies are interested in having EatRx analyze their ingredients and products on a deeper level– which we have the capability to do– and investors wanted to speak with us in greater detail.

Patty and Kirk demonstrated the EatRx Application to dozens of people with many comments such as, we didn’t know what you have actually built was in the realm of possibility at this time.

Networking with innovators on the cutting edge of game-changing solutions to solve critical issues in the food and nutrition space is a major benefit of attending conferences, and Future Food Tech excels at this.

Our next conference is the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle, then the Connected Health Conference in Boston, and then at The Exponential Medicine Conference in San Diego. We look forward to meeting you at one of these conferences.


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