Eat Real Food

When Dr. Lustig was asked recently about a study from Stanford University which stated that a low fat or low carbohydrate diet were basically equal factors in the quest for weight management, his take-a-way was that both groups were on a healthy low carb or healthy low fat diet, and that that was the key. They ate real food.

We recommend The Hacking of the American Mind and other books by Dr. Lustig.

Dr. Lustig has been touting this mantra for many years and we agree. At EatRx, we believe that the key to health is to eat real food.

“Real food, containing endogenous micronutrients, prevents metabolic syndrome. Processed food causes metabolic syndrome.” 

We also agree with Dr. Lustig, the most famous sugar nemesis, about the dangers of consuming sugar and processed foods. He states that, “Sugar is now the most ubiquitous foodstuff worldwide, and has been added to virtually every processed food, limiting consumer choice and the ability to avoid it. Approximately 80 percent of the 600,000 consumer packaged foods in the United States have added caloric sweeteners.”

Dr. Robert Lustig is a health influencer and change-maker, promoting a global discussion on metabolic health, nutrition and the addictive foods common in our diets. At its core, Dr. Lustig’s work offers sound scientific advice with solutions to problems that can lead one on the path to a healthier life.

Dr. Lustig’s Biography

Robert H. Lustig, M.D., M.S.L. is Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He specializes in the field of neuroendocrinology, with an emphasis on the regulation of energy balance by the central nervous system. His research and clinical practice has focused on childhood obesity and diabetes. Dr. Lustig holds a Bachelor’s in Science from MIT, a Doctorate in Medicine from Cornell University Medical College, and a Master’s of Studies in Law from U.C. Hastings College of the Law.

Dr. Lustig has fostered a global discussion of metabolic health and nutrition, exposing some of the leading myths that underlie the current pandemic of diet-related disease. He believes the food business, by pushing processed food loaded with sugar, has hacked our bodies and minds to pursue pleasure instead of happiness; fostering today’s epidemics of addiction and depression. Yet by focusing on real food, we can beat the odds against sugar, processed food, obesity, and disease.

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