Akil Palanisamy M.D.

IHH-UCSF Symposium on Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Akil Palanisamy, M.D, is a Harvard-trained physician, author, speaker, and holistic medicine expert in integrative and functional medicine. His book, “The Paleovedic Diet”, integrates the best of conventional and holistic medicine. Dr. Palanisamy seamlessly blends the Paleo diet with Ayurveda and the latest research in nutrition and medicine to present a customized roadmap to perfect health.

Dr. Palanisamy has once again organized The Symposium on Nutrition and Functional Medicine located at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, CA. The event is on March 16, 2019, from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. We look forward to joining him for an inspiring and informative day with global leaders in functional medicine and nutrition! We will hear cutting-edge evidence-based talks from top experts in their 20th annual conference.

World-renowned author Dr. Datis Kharrazian will present groundbreaking research on how previously unsuspected food and environmental triggers can affect autoimmune disease and brain health – plus dietary and detox strategies to address this.

Stanford researcher Erica Sonnenburg, who runs the top microbiome lab in the country, will present her latest insights on how to recover an ancestral microbiome based on studies in Nepal and Tanzania. She will discuss new research on how the microbiome is affected by low-carb versus low-fat diets, and discuss new dietary strategies to optimize the gut microbiome.

NYT best-selling author Robb Wolf will present an eye-opening analysis on recent controversies in nutrition research about the harms of coconut oil, whether a low-carb diet shortens life span, and other topics.

Is heart disease, the #1 killer worldwide, an autoimmune disease? Learn about the gut-heart connection and “leaky heart syndrome”, as well as holistic strategies for brain health including the Bredesen protocol for Alzheimer’s disease, a functional medicine approach to female hormones, and other tips for overall wellbeing.

They will have a delicious Paleo lunch catered by an award-winning group.
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