How we’re different.

EatRx can prescribe Food as Medicine.

We are constantly exploring the frontier of health-sciences innovation – daily, we unearth new discoveries, findings and research to enrich our EatRx knowledgebase.

Using Artificial Intelligence technology, we synthesize this vast pool of learning with your own health information across a range of metrics. The result is a unique prescriptive recommendation that delivers optimum health-building, tuned precisely to your body at every meal. You don’t even have to think about it.

Impact disease-states or performance stats.

From reducing your blood sugar, to reducing your risk of cancer, or striving for optimum athletic performance, EatRx can help. For the first time in history, biochemically tailored food prescriptions are available for you and your family.

EatRx will build specific nutrients into your meal plan that can deliver pharmaceutical results but without pharmaceutical side effects or expense.

In today’s world, EatRx is an idea whose time has come.

What we believe.

You at your best

We support people to be their best selves by prescribing targeted nutrients across individualized health, wellness, and performance needs.

Food and pharma

We believe prescriptions for health should include phytonutrients —not just pharmaceuticals—that heal disease, maximize function, and enhance energy and performance.


We promote purposeful eating by serving up personalized food recommendations for users and optimized recipes for product partners.


We deliver solutions that help people make smart, flavorful choices with less searching and planning.


We celebrate the diversity and community of culinary arts with meal planning and education based on science, culture, and great taste.

Behavior change

We nurture sustainable behavioral change with precise goals, personal insights, recognition, and community.


We advance transparency of the benefits of food by providing state-of-the-art information with the world’s most trusted platform of food-science data.

No agenda

EatRx has no agenda or point-of-view when it comes to nutrition dogma. Our passion is following the science to cellular impacts for improved health.

Meet Our Team.

Our founders joined to help a friend’s fight with cancer. Our Director of Technology retasked his proprietary search and knowledge acquisition technology to find cancer-fighting nutrients to support her. Her remission led to the realization that with our collective skill sets we could create a transformational company for prescriptive nutrition to help our loved ones and millions of others.

To that end, we’ve assembled a hand-picked all star team, each the very best in their specialty – Medicine, Food Science, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Culinary Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, User Interface Design, Ethics and more.

Debbie McAfee
CEO, Startups, Licensing, Negotiations
Jon Hujsak
CTO, Artificial Intelligence, Data Systems, Search Engine Architecture
Kirk McAfee, MBA
CFO, M &A, Project Finance, Startups
Patty James, MS NC
Director of Nutrition and Culinary
Sue Pipal
Director of Content
Robert Ryan
Director, Information Systems
Keith McAfee, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Brad Klemmer
Director of Product
Thom Meredith
Director of UI

Our Advisors are a renowned and diverse lineup of professionals – all experts in their fields.

J. Bruce German, PhD
PhD Biochemistry, UC Davis Food Science, Director Food for Health Institute
Steve Watkins, PhD
PhD Biochemistry, Researcher in Metabolomics & Lipidomics, CEO Verso Biosciences, Metabolon
Kimber Stanhope, PhD
PhD Nutritional Biology, UC Davis Researcher in Fructose
Nicole Avena, PhD
Asst. Professor of Neuroscience, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Visiting Professor in Health Psychology at Princeton University. Expert on food, addition and nutrition throughout the lifespan.
Patrick Griffith, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon, Former Researcher NIH
Karen Watson
Strategic Communications Consultant ,FCC, Nielsen Research
Emerald Lin, MD
Physiatrist, Hospital for Special Surgery, Professor Weill Cornell Medical College, Military TBI Expert
Chef Bill Telepan
Telepan, NYC, Executive Chef Oceana NYC
Wolfram Alderson, MS
CEO, Hypoglycemia Support Foundation
Chef John Ash
2 time James Beard award winning chef and author
Ed Bauman, PhD
Founder Bauman College
Wei Wang, DTCM
Doctor Traditional Chinese Medicine
Krista Austin, PhD C.S.C.S.
Physiologist and nutritionists for amateur to elite athletes and Olympic teams