EatRx at the Smart Kitchen Summit 2018

Debbie McAfee, CEO, and Patty James, Director of Nutrition, attended the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle this week and it was a fascinating and successful conference focusing on the future of food and cooking.

There were many high-tech and futuristic products and ideas, from kitchens that tell you what’s in your refrigerator and pantry (and what to make with your ingredients) to robots flipping steaks in a restaurant to 3-D sushi (hum…) to trash cans that not only sort the trash but that keep track of what you throw away or recycle so you can reorder. Wow…

Companies and individuals were there to learn about current and potential technology, to find a business partner or collaborator, or help build the vision for the future… For some, imagining the food and kitchens of tomorrow will dial down what we need to build today, from the food supply to equipment.

We shared many speakers’ beliefs that there needs to be compatibility between operating systems so that consumers can pick and choose their smart home devices and appliances.  Standardized sign-ins will provide access to our favorite apps across the entire system.

With this multi-modal approach, consumers will be able to use smart technology everywhere their life intersects food – planning, shopping, cooking, meal kits, take-out and restaurants.  They can select a meal and send that selection to their favorite restaurant or they can seamlessly and invisibly have ingredients delivered and send the cooking instructions to their smart appliances which might show how-to videos on smart screens.

We also shared the vision of some speakers that food is about community and culture, whether we are cooking from scratch or composing a meal (assembling food on the plate that is both purchased and prepared at home.)

One of the speakers was envisioning an application in the future that would dial down prescriptive nutrition, and he described his vision step by step — everything that we’ve already built and patented.  The filing of our patents has allowed EatRx to come out of stealth mode and demonstrating our prototype app at SKS18 was an incredible experience. The interest, from start-ups to established companies, was above our expectations. Our knowledgebase, many years in the making, had everyone astounded.

EatRx is the future of prescriptive nutrition— today.

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